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Doctors & Departments

Our Experts

  • Dr Sunil Satav

  • Chief Ortho Surgeon
  • M.B.B.S. D.ORTHO(Mumbai)
  • Regd. No.2001/08/2920

Dr sunil satav in one of the most senior orthopaedic surgeon of nagar road area he is having vast experiance of treating accidental emergency & orthopaedic surgery.he has performed maximum no of orthopaedic surgery in the nagar road kharadi area.
He is well known for his treatment of Back,neck,joint & bone pain patients.he has treated maximum number of back & neck pain patients in the city.
He has given many health talks as a awarness programm in companies,corporates & bpublic meetings , FM radio& radio mirchi.

  • Dr Harsha Satav

  • E.N.T Surgeon
  • M.B.B.S. D.O.R.L(Mumbai)
  • Regd. No.2005/02/0605

Dr Harsha satav is a for nose throat surgeon in nagar road kharadi area .she has treated many ear-nose-throat patients. she hasremoved many goreign body from nose & ear of the children in the kharadi area .she has conducted many health checkup camps.

  • Dr Gopal Jaju

  • Conultant Physician
  • MBBS, MD (Medicine)
  • Regd No: MCI 1139360

Dr Gopal Jaju is eminent Physician having good experience of treating diabetes, Blood Pressure, Paralysis, Heart Disease , liver & Kidney Disease Patients.

  • Dr Sushil J Deshmukh

  • Regd. No.
  • Dr Sushil J Deshmukh,MBBS,MS,FMAS is a General,Laparoscopic and a varicose veins specialist.He practices in Pune.He has over 10 years of clinical experience.He performs Laparoscopic procedures Hernia repair,,Cholecystectomy,Appendicectomy, Hiatus hernias , diagnostic Laparoscopy etc.He is specialist in treating varicose vein and it's complications.He performs some of the most advanced and recent procedures for varicose veins like Laser ablation,Radio frequency Ablation and Venaseal closure.He is trained in Weight loss surgery (Bariatric surgery) for morbidly obese patients.Also,He perform emergency surgeries like trauma, perforation of bowel and appendix, tracheostomy,Chest tube placement etc.

  • Dr Chintan .S. Gujarathi

  • Plastic Surgeon
  • MBBS, MS, DNB.
  • MCH (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)
  • Regd No :MMC 2010/06/2087
  • Dr Chintan S Gujarathi is a well known plastic surgeon of Pune City . He has done many cosmetic Surgeries , Skin Grafting , Flap Cover ,Facial Scar/mole exertion ,Tattoo Removal, Vascular Surgery i.e liposuction Surgery ,hand surgery .He is also Plastic Surgeon at many Tertiary care of hospital of Pune.

  • Dr Rahul Bagale

  • Psychiatrist, sexologist & De. Addiction Specialist
  • Regd No: MMC 2011093100
  • Regd No :MMC 2010/06/2087
  • Dr Rahul Bagale is a Famous Psychiatrist for his clam & cool Nature . He has treated many patients for depression , anxienty, Sleep disorder, sexual disorder & De- addiction in kharadi area . His careful Concelling & Personal Touch is helping to many patient .

  • Dr Supriya Shinde

  • Consultant Physiotherapist
  • BDT (Physiotherapist)
  • Regd No:2018/04/PT/006627
  • Dr Supriya Shinde is a well Trained Physiotherapist with Caring hand . She has treated many back,neck , joint bone problem patients with extreme good results.

  • Dr Snehal J Shirsath

  • BPT,MPT (Physiotherapist)
  • Regd No : 2018/06/PT/006787
  • Dr Snehal is a master of physiotherapy in Neuro (paediatric & adult specialist). She is not only master in degree but also master in treating patients.Her careful exqnise guidance has helped to many patients.

Panel Consultant

Sr.No Name Position Position
1 Dr. Sunil Satav M.B.B.S. ORTHO Orthopaedic Surgeon
2 Dr. Harsha Satav M.B.B.S. DORL E.N.T Surgeon
3 Dr. Bhalchandra Dixit Ms(Ortho) DNB Ortho Orthopaedic Surgeon
4 Dr. Gauri Belsare Ms(ENT) E.N.T Surgeon
5 Dr Gopal Jaju MD (Medicine) Conultant Physician
6 Dr. Sushil Deshmukh MS(General Surgery) Laparoscopic Surgeon
7 Dr. Mahesh Sinnarkar MS(General Surgery) Laparoscopic Surgeon
8 Dr. Vaishali Bhosale Md(Gynaecology) Gynaecology
9 Dr. Sanjeevkumar Gaikwad MBBS(DCH) Paediatricians
10 Dr Rahul Bagale MBBS, DPM, MIPS Psychiatry
11 Dr. Sachin Gandhi MCH (Neuro Surgery) Neuro Surgery
12 Dr. Vilas Shingare MCH(Neuro physician) Neuro physician
13 Dr. Vikram Satav MCH(Urology) Urologist
14 Dr. Bhavana Singh MDS(Facio-Maxillary) Facio-Maxillary Surgery
15 Dr. Prashant Ghorpade MD (Anaesthesiology) Anaesthesiologist
16 Dr. Udaysingh Jadhav MBBS DA Anaesthesiologist
17 Dr. Girdhari mande MBBS DNB Anaesthesiologist
18 Dr Chintan .S. Gujarathi MBBS, MS, DNB, MCH (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) Plastic Surgeon
19 Dr Supriya Shinde BDT (Physiotherapy) Physiotherapy
20 Dr Snehal J Shirsath BPT,MPT (Physiotherapy) Physiotherapy
21 Dr. Vitthal Satav MBBS DOMS(Ophthalm) Ophthalmology